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Handmade and fair trade ethnic jewelry

India, Nepal, Thailand

Our ethnic jewelry are unique creations, handmade in one-of-a-kind pieces or mini-series. Rarity and diversity define Omyoki jewelry.

Omyoki's Story

The Omyoki universe is designer jewelry, created in unique pieces or small collections.
Opt for ethical fashion and choose ethnic jewelry made in accordance with fair trade principles.

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Wear unique jewelry, handmade with art and finesse...
travel with our ethnic jewelry

Our jewelry is created in collaboration with our artisan partners in India, Nepal, and Thailand, in a logic of fairtrade jewelry. Omyoki craftsmanship is entirely handmade, by carefully chosen artisans. In addition, we offer you some indian jewelry or Thai, found locally during our travels.

Most of our jewelry is in 925 silver. We also offer a collection of gold jewelry, in treated, non-allergenic brass. For our fine stone jewelry : labradorite, moonstone, turquoise, rose quartz, larimar, lapis lazuli, obsidian, tiger's eye, jasper, amazonite... we have selected the natural stones one by one. 

Omyoki offers you 4 universes, with unique atmospheres:
ethnic silver jewelry  ~  contemporary jewelry  ~  golden jewelry  ~  zen jewelry

Ethnic moonstone ring  Adjustable silver ring BUTTERFLY  KI multicolored tourmaline earrings  BOUDDHA Tiger Eye Bracelet

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Omyoki offers ethnic silver jewelry, golden jewelry, and pretty hand bags.

Omyoki was created to promote ethical fashion. With quality products, handmade and made by artisans in developing countries. Therefore, we have opted for fair trade. In order to transform for the better the living and working conditions of artisans and their families in countries less favored than ours.

Origin of our ethnic jewelry

Our fair trade ethnic jewelry is handmade in India in Nepal, by Tibetans from Indian or Nepalese communities, and by Karen tribes in Thailand. In short, opting for ethical fashion means choosing to consume products made in an artisanal manner, in visited workshops, but also to help local populations preserve age-old know-how that is being lost.

With this in mind, our products are made by artisans in small workshops, by groups of women, or isolated artisans. Indeed, our goal is to provide work in areas less favored than ours and to improve the lives of artisans and their families. This is why our craftsmen are chosen for their know-how, their passion for their profession, the beauty of the natural stones chosen together, and their love of a job well done. Together we create original jewelry based on their know-how, local designs and Western fashion trends.

In conclusion, each workshop was visited. In order to verify the working conditions, the non-employment of children, the quality of life and the fair remuneration of artisans. Discover the presentation of our artisans-partners.

Invested in an ethical and sustainable economic approach, Omyoki offers handmade ethnic jewelry, and strives to follow the Fair Trade Charter.

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Omyoki, fair trade jewelry designer and philanthropist

Because we are in search of meaning, we are directly committed by paying €1000 per year to humanitarian projects in the Himalayan regions, through the association Karuna sheshen ou Cha Aya. In addition, 3% of each piece of jewelry YOU buy is donated to this organization. In this way, you directly contribute to supporting local populations. In short, we chose these organizations because of their responsiveness in the field and their low operating costs.

Our handcrafted bracelets

Most of our ethnic jewelry is unique pieces

Our humanitarian commitments

Our ethnic jewelry is mostly handmade in India and Nepal. This is why we have chosen a humanitarian organization focused on these two countries. In addition, their operating costs are very low (8%). Omyoki offers its support via the Karuna Shechen association, founded in 2000 by Matthieu Ricard. In summary, humanitarian actions follow 4 axes: education, health, women's empowerment, community development.

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