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925 silver is a standard, it equates to a silver content of the jewelry you buy. The silver used to make the jewelry can not be pure 100%, because it would be too soft. In order to work it is added one or more alloy metals, most of the time copper.

In Europe, and in most countries of the world silver jewelry, are 925 silver. It is the 1er silver title, it has minium content of 92,5%. This is also known as Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver 925. Sterling silver, for example, is composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Sterling silver is a category of silver for jewelry, in many countries, since the 14th century.

How to recognize 925 silver jewelry?

We recognize 925 silver jewelry with their punch. This punch displays the 925 number. He is struck inside the rings, on the clasps, on the back of the pendants and the earrings, etc. On extremely fine jewelry, it is sometimes impossible to hit this punch, so do not be too surprised.

How reliable is a 925 stamp?

A good question to ask! The 925 stamp is used all over the world but is not always controlled. In France, in Europe, and in Western countries, silver is subject to very strict rules. In France, it is the customs that manage everything related to gold and silver. The 925 stamp is therefore garanteed by strict rules and regulations. The jeweler's own stamp should be found as well on the jewelry.

Some "silver" jewelry that are not real 925 silver

  • Bali silver (Bali silver): very often lower than 925 / 1000
  • Tibetan silver = silver metal with low silver content
  • German silver (German silver): a mix of copper and nickel / zinc containing very little or no silver at all.
  • Silver plated = the jewelry can be made of copper, brass or any metal, whith a thin layer of silver coating. This layer of silver may have various thickness, depending the quality of the jewelry. Silver plated jewelry are plated with 925 silver in Europe and Western countries.

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