The spiral is a strong symbol and very old. It symbolizes the life cycle, unity or expansion. The spiral is a dynamic system that concentrates or develops according to whether the movement is centrifugal or centripetal. The spiral symbolizes the path in the concentric circles of thought, of the universe and represents personal development, self-fulfillment and momentum towards the "other". The spiral is the opposite of the labyrinth where it is easy to get lost, it is an open and optimistic reason

In the Christian tradition the spiral represents the breath of life, which encompasses Man and pulls him to God at the same time. In Hinduism, the god Shiva, drawn into his crazy and perpetual dance, evokes a comparable movement. In Celtic traditions, the triskel, consisting of three spirals enclosed in a single drawing, symbolizes three of the four elements (earth, water, fire), the past the present and the future, or the three ages of life: youth, middle age and old age.

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