Our silver and gemstone rings are 100% handmade designer jewelry. We use quality 925 silver and natural semi-precious stones. The fine stones have been carefully selected, one by one, and set with delicacy.

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The materials of silver rings and semi-precious stones Omyoki

Our rings are made of 925 silver, finely worked by hand. 925 silver contains 92,5% silver and meets an international standard. Quality finishes and meticulous setting of stones are the guarantors of quality and lasting jewelry.

The fine stones of our silver rings for women are mainly from India and surrounding countries, close to the place of manufacture of the jewelry. You will find a lot of moonstone, rose quartz, turquoise, labradorite, larimar, amethyst, lapis lazuli and many more.

Where are the Omyoki rings manufactured?

Omyoki creates original capsule collections, following a concept that is equally so. The design of our rings is created in collaboration with our artisans-partners, in India and Thailand. We work in a logic of fair trade, with talented artisans, with whom we have a privileged relationship. Each year we will work on site with them.

India - Govin's workshop

Govin's workshop is nestled in the heart of Rajasthan. This region of north-eastern India has been renowned for its expertise in jewelry since the dawn of time. Rajasthan is a very colorful region of immense cultural wealth. It is not for nothing that it is one of the most touristic destinations in India. I met Govin in 2017, thanks to several trading friends in Europe. Everyone advised me to go see Govin and what a meeting! Govin, Muku, Eddy, and a few craftsmen fervently work silver, crimp, brush, polish. The workshop is a real Ali Baba's cave, full of a thousand semi-precious stones. No machine, apart from something to polish! All silver jewelry is handmade, from A to Z. Forget the machines, even the simplest. It is all the more incredible to see the birth of a jewel.

India - Shankar's workshop

Shankar's workshop is located in the fabulous little town of Pushkar, in the heart of Rajasthan. Shankar is a young Hindu, passionate about his work, invested family man, very stake and very active in the community. Shankar collaborates daily with other craftsmen because his workshop being very small, it does not have all the necessary tools. The jewelry creation is a little longer than with other craftsmen but the result is well worth it, to take the time! We have been working with Shankar since early 2019.

Thailand - Fon & Lek workshop

Lek's workshop is located in northern Thailand, near the Burmese border. The Karen, tribes of the northern mountains are very skilled with their hands. The Karens work with cloth and silver. Unlike many countries they use purer silver, which is 95 to 98% silver, instead of 92,5% which is a standard. I first met Fon and Lek in Bangkok, because they go down there to shop. Believe it or not, communication was very complicated at first, because Thai people are not that English speaking! By dint of gestures and time we have come to understand each other. I've been to northern Thailand a few times and the creativity, colors and ingenuity there is amazing.