Omyoki silver and semi-precious stones are 100% handmade designer jewelry. We use quality 925 silver and semi-precious stones. The gemstones have been carefully selected, one by one, and set with delicacy.

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The materials of silver rings and semi-precious stones Omyoki
Our rings are 925 silver, finely worked by hand. 925 silver contains 92,5% silver and is an international standard. Quality finishes and a crimping stones made with care are the guarantors of quality and durable jewelry.

The fine stones of our women's silver rings are mainly from India and surrounding countries, close to the place of manufacture of the jewels. You will find a lot of moonstone, pink quartz, turquoise, labradorite, larimar, amethyst, lapis lazuli and many more.

Where are the Omyoki rings manufactured?
Omyoki creates original capsule collections, following a similar concept. The design of our silver rings and gemstones is made in France and the manufacturing takes place in developing countries, in a logic of fair trade. We work with talented craftsmen, with whom we have a privileged relationship and with whom we will work each year on the spot.


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