The onyx is white to yellowish, but also black. It is rather the black onyx which is known and used in jewelery. The main deposits of onyx are found in India, Brazil, Mexico, the United States, Uruguay and Madagascar.

It's a gem used for centuries. The Egyptians carved bowls in the white onyx, from the second dynasty. Persians and Indians believed that onyx protected the eye and could relieve a woman's pain during childbirth. But it was in England during the reign of Queen Victoria that the black onyx took off. It became commonplace in mourning jewelry, then fashion developed around this semi-precious stone and its use became commonplace.

In lithotherapy onyx is considered a stone of strength. Onyx is known to stabilize the body and strengthen the bone marrow. It is supposed to be a great help against arthritis, weakness of the liver and kidneys.


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