Omyoki malachite jewelry is made of 925 silver, set with carefully selected natural fine stones. All our malachite jewelry is 100% handmade, by craftsmen from developing countries, in a logic of fair trade.

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Malachite is the stone of expression.

In lithotherapy it is a widely used stone. It helps fight pain and joint problems. It is also given anti-bacterial properties. Affixed directly on painful areas it relieves inflammation and pain.

Malachite has been known and used for millennia for medicinal, cosmetic and decorative purposes. Reduced in powder it served to color the frescoes or was used in make-up. There are also many monuments around the world, with columns, statues and malachite objects.

Colors: Dark green to pale green
Chemical composition: Basic copper carbonate
The Chakras: Placed on the heart chakra it balances the soul and the body and opens the heart.

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