Discover the jewels in Omyoki larimar. Entirely handmade, our larimar jewels are made of 925 silver and carefully selected fine stones.

The larimar, a fine stone that has such a beautiful story! It is the stone of love and the story tells that it holds the loved one. This mysterious blue and green water stone comes straight from the Dominican Republic. It is the only larimar deposit in the world. It was discovered in the 1900 years but was only exploited from 1975. It is Miguel Mendez who manages to obtain a right of exploitation. He gave the fine stone the name of his daughter Lari, to whom he added the word "mar", sea in Spanish. Hence the name of larimar. The Bahoruco mine still belongs to Miguel Mendez.

Tip for larimar jewelry : This natural stone is photosensitive, storing it in the dark will prevent it from losing its color over the years.

In lithotherapy the larimar is reputed to be a stone of extreme softness, which brings calm and balance. The stone stimulates vital centers and self healing. The larimar stabilizes the nervous system and enhances the joy of living. Stone of well-being, it is recommended to wear the larimar close to the body. It can also be associated with other stones (rock crystal, turquoise, chalcedony ...)
Colors: Light Blue to Blue Green
Chakras: chakras of the throat and solar plexus.


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