Omyoki lapis lazuli jewelry is made of 925 silver, set with carefully selected natural lapis lazuli gemstones. All our lapis lazuli jewelry is 100% hand-made, by artisans from developing countries, in a logic of fair trade.

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Lapis lazuli is a deep, dense blue stone. It is a semi-precious stone of good quality. Lapis lazuli deposits are found in Afghanistan, Chile, and Russia.

In lithotherapy lapis lazuli is a symbol of gaiety and harmony. It is a stone of love and friendship, which creates around its owner an aura of tenderness and sympathy. Lapis is particularly recommended for nervous people, on whom it has a calming action. Lapis provides a good sleep and develops intuition.

History tells us that the Sumerians associated the blue lapis lazuli with the celestial vault. They valued the lapis as a gift from heaven and worshiped him. The Egyptians, for their part, carved their famous amulets into beetle shapes in lapis lazuli.

Colors: Indigo blue to sea blue, sometimes speckled with white (calcite) or golden glitter (pyrite)
Chemical composition: Silicate sulfur of aluminum and sodium.
Chakras: chakras of the third eye and the summit.