Omyoki jasper jewelry is composed of carefully selected natural jasper stones. All our jasper jewels are 100% hand-made, by artisans from developing countries, in a logic of fair trade.

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In lithotherapy, the Green Jasper is used for its soft energy, connected to the physical body. Chinese medicine classifies Jasper as a stone related to Earth energy.

There are Jasper of many colors, including 3 fundamental colors: red, yellow and green.

The Green Jasper is a stone of stability, of beneficial calm, and has a rebalancing effect for the body. The red Jasper or blood Jasper is a stone for women because it regulates the hormonal system. It is also advised to convalescents for its energy supply.

The main Jasper deposits are located in: India, Madagascar, Urals, Russia, Germany, Brazil, United States, and France.


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