Our ethnic Indian jewels are in 925 silver and semiprecious stones, or in fine golden metal, for costume jewelery. Omyoki offers ethnic or modern Indian jewelry designs, inspired by French fashion trends and Indian arabesques. Entirely handmade, Omyoki Indian jewels are created, manufactured and sold in a logic of fair trade.

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For creations with semi-precious stones, it is the local precious stones that have been favored. You will find a lot of moonstone and pink quartz in our jewelry.

The Why of Ethnic Omyoki Indian Jewelry

The Indians are masters in the art of making jewelry in gold, silver and recently brass. Indian jewelry craftsmen respond to local desires with gold jewelry, loaded with details, as well as modern Western trends with purified silver jewelry.

For hundreds of years, princes have made gold jewelry and exquisite jewelery set with precious and semi-precious stones. The culture of jewelery invades all Indian social classes, because it is an ancestral way of placing one's wealth, however small it may be.

The traditional style of Indian jewelry is of ethnic or bohemian style, with a work of materials of exquisite finesse. In spite of rudimentary tools, the know-how of the Indian craftsmen come to offer jewels of high quality.

India is also known for its expertise in goldsmiths and jewelery. It is the first country in the world in gemstone cutting, ahead of China and any other country. Real hub of semi-precious stones, it is a real market for all the surrounding countries.