Hemimorphite is a fine stone, transparent to translucent, with colors ranging from colorless to white, yellow, gray, blue, purple, pink, green and brown. A quality hemimorphite stone is usually blue or green, and has some similarities to chrysocolla, smithsonite, and turquoise.

Hemimorphite is an important source of zinc, since it contains more than 50%. It has two peculiarities, it is pyroelectric (electrically charged when heated) and piezoelectric (electrically charged when rubbed).

In lithotherapy, hemimorphite is used for detox treatments to cleanse and purify the liver and blood. It improves healing and reduces dermatological problems. Hemimorphite is a stone of inner calm. It opens us to communication with our inner selves and others.

Chakras: heart (4ème), throat (5ème), 3ème eye (6ème)


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