Handmade jewelry by Omyoki is made by talented craftsmen. The jewels are created in collaboration with Asian artisans. The techniques used are old and often without any machine and very simple tools.

Silver jewelry is handcrafted in India. A country renowned since the dawn of time for its expertise in goldsmithery and jewelery. Country of precious and semi-precious stones, India is queen in the size and the trade of the fine stones.

Handmade Thai jewelry is jewelry made by Karen tribes from the north of the country. These hill dwellers have become masters in shaping silver. Their handmade jewelry is often hammered silver, or brushed silver. Thai silver often has a higher than average silver content, with 95 at 98% instead of 92.5%.

Zen handmade jewelry is made in Nepal. The mala necklace and zen bracelets are handmade by a craftsman from the Kathmandu valley and a Buddhist craftsman from Bodanath (where is largest Buddhist temple).


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