The jewels bearing the label "artisanal jewelry" are beautiful local pieces, found throughout our travels. The jewelry is handmade, by talented artisans from India, Nepal, Tibetan communities, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Discover jewels in local colors, limited editions or unique pieces.

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The word of the creative,

Every year I go to 1 2 once and spend time assembling jewelry, making wonderful discoveries, selecting stones, and drinking countless teas of course. It's a close and very personal relationship that I have with every craftsman. And it's not uncommon for me to buy more than just to please them! Omyoki is committed to an ethical approach and I make sure that I pay the craftsmen with whom I work well, that the work environment is healthy, and that they do not get help from children.

Omyoki handcrafted jewelry

What is behind the “artisanal jewelry” label? These are magnificent jewels unearthed on the spot and which did not go unnoticed. Pieces that have been noticed thanks to their design or their remarkable semi-precious stone. Jewels that we wanted to share with you!