Garnet is a beautiful semi-precious stone, with innumerable colors and depths. The garnet goes from deep red to orange-red. The more transparent the stone, the more valuable it is. The main Garnet extractor countries to date are India, Tanzania, and Madagascar. There are other deposits in Russia, Mali, Canada, Brazil ... The term "garnet" comes from the Latin word "malum granatum", a grain fruit, which means pomegranate. Indeed, the grains of this leaking shimmering color strongly recall these gems.

In lithotherapy garnet is known to tone the body and mind, and increase sexual vigor. A stone of creativity, red garnet amplifies the vital energy necessary for action, and develops the creativity that you carry within you. Not recommended for jealous and angry, it is more suitable for people calm and asked. This energizing stone helps fight against tiredness and apathy and to purify the chakras.

Colors: light red to orange-red
Chemical composition: Aluminum and iron silicate
Chakras: Chakra of solar plexus and sacred chakra. solar.


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