Omyoki turquoise jewelry is made of 925 silver, set with carefully selected natural turquoise gemstones. All our turquoise jewelry is 100% hand-made, by artisans from developing countries, in a logic of fair trade.

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Turquoise offers a variety of colors ranging from light blue to dark blue, veined with black. Turquoise deposits can be found in many countries: Tibet, China, Iran, Afghanistan, Mexico, United States (Arizona), Chile, Australia, Israel, Tanzania. Very present in Buddhist jewelry, Nepali, or Tibetanit symbolizes material and spiritual wealth. The turquoise blue in Buddhism represents the life of humans in their life / death duality and earth / sky wisdom.

The etymology of the name "turquoise" comes from Turkish stone, because it was in Turkey that the Europeans found it (and although the mineral was imported from Iran). She gave her name to the turquoise color.

In lithotherapy, turquoise is an emblem of courage. This semi-precious stone is also considered as a source of well-being. It is also a symbol of wisdom. It arouses nobility of feelings, indulgence and generosity.

Colors: sky blue, blue green to green gray
Chemical composition: Basic hydrated phosphate of aluminum and copper.
Chakras: Chakra of the neck and the throat.


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