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Our Tibetan jewels do not come from Tibet but are made by Tibetans living in Tibetan communities in northern India and Nepal, or by Buddhist Nepalis. They are entirely handmade, in natural materials ranging from silver to semi-precious stones, and to the seeds of plants and wood pearls. These jewels are related to Buddhism, Zen, and are vectors of appeasement, source of tranquility and sometimes serve as a medium for meditation.

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The soul of Tibetan jewelry

The jewels have never been worn by Tibetans just to beautify themselves. Indeed, Tibetan jewelry is related to Buddhism, or serve as amulets. Today the best known in the West are the necklaces and bracelets mala sort of Tibetan rosary that monks chew while reciting their 100 prayers (108 beads: 100 prayers and forget 8). These malas are now available in necklaces, multi-turn bracelets or fine bracelets.

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