Fine goldtone ring MARIE-ANTOINETTE

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The fine MARIE-ANTOINETTE gilt moon ring is a must-have! A fine model with vintage design and yet so trendy.


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Fine goldtone ring MARIE-ANTOINETTE

The fine MARIE-ANTOINETTE gilt moon ring is a must-have! A fine model with vintage design and yet so trendy.

The properties of the moonstone

Moonstone comes mainly from India, Brazil, USA and Australia. Moonstone stones from Omyoki jewelry come from India.

In lithotherapy, it is an essentially feminine stone. It promotes a good hormonal balance and develops intuition. It brings softness and tolerance for hard and harsh people.

Colors: Colorless, with milky white to bluish sheen
Chemical composition: Aluminum and potassium double silicate
Chakras: Second chakra, that of the third eye

The material of your ring

Omyoki brass jewels are gold-plated because veneers seldom last in time. Simple brass, will tarnish over time, but with proper maintenance, it will retain all its brilliance. here's how maintain your brass jewelry.

Brass or "yellow copper" is a metal alloy mainly composed of copper and zinc. Easy to work, and inexpensive, it is used in many areas, including jewelry. Brass is a very sturdy alloy, which fits in the long term. Indeed, a brass finery is resistant to both corrosion and salt water. Brass has been used in jewelry for hundreds of years. It is mainly the Indian artisans who initiated this practice, which became common later. Becoming very trendy today, brass jewelry has become a must.


  • Golden ring in brass
  • Diameter of the moon stone 9mm
  • Sizes: 52 to 60
  • Delivered in its handmade silk and cotton pouch in Nepal
  • Handmade jewel in India - Rajasthan
  • Fair trade jewelry

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Fine golden metal, moonstone


White, Golden

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