Blue Labradorite Ethnic Ring

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This ethnic ring in blue labradorite offers a very feminine design. A handmade ethnic jewel by one of our partners in Rajasthan.


  • Ring in 925 silver certified and labradorite
  • Weight: g 7
  • Sizes: 50 to 62 - guide of ring sizes
  • Delivered in a handmade silk and cotton pouch
  • 100% Handmade Jewel


Blue Labradorite Ethnic Ring

This ethnic blue labradorite ring offers a very feminine and airy design. This ethnic jewel is out of the ordinary and will madly appeal to women who love delicate designs. The labradorite gemstones are superb, with petroleum blue reflections which vary with the sandstone of the light. This ethnic ring has been entirely handmade by a talented craftsman from Rajasthan, land of jewelers for millennia. We designed this ring with Shankar. He is a new Indian craftsman with whom we have been working since autumn 2018, in a logic of fair trade.

The properties of labradorite

Labradorite is a semi-precious gray-black stone with intense blue highlights. Its name comes from the area in which it was discovered, Labrador, in northern Canada. The main labradorite deposits are located in Canada, Mexico, Russia, Madagascar, and Ukraine.

In lithotherapy labradorite is the stone of protection par excellence, forming a barrier against mental pollution. It absorbs negative energies to protect the wearer. Labradorite is the Yin stone for its opening and Yang for its radiance. Labradorite is a stone that brings balance, helps to overcome stress and promotes intellect, inspiration and intuition. In terms of health labradorite is used to balance the disorders related to the digestive system, as well as hormonal and menstrual disorders. It is also effective for stimulating the muscular system and the blood circulation.

The material of your ring

The silver used to make the jewelry can not be pure 100%, because it would be too soft. In order to work it is added one or more alloy metals, most of the time copper.

Silver jewelry, in Europe and in most countries of the world, is 925 silver. It is 1st grade silver, it has a minimum content of 92,5%. This is also called sterling silver, from the English Sterling Silver 925. Sterling silver, for example, is made up of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Sterling silver has been a category of silver for jewelry in many countries since the 14th century. To learn more, read our article on925 silver, how to recognize it, the French, European standards and elsewhere in the world, etc.

Characteristics of your blue labradorite ethnic ring

  • Ring in 925 silver certificated
  • Dimensions of the labradorite: 10 8 mm x
  • Weight: g 7
  • Sizes: 50 to 62
  • Delivered in a handmade silk and cotton pouch
  • 100% Handmade Jewel

Ring size

Measure your size or find your partner's ring size, with our guide to ring sizes.

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Silver, Labradorite


Silver, Blue, Black

22 reviews for Blue Labradorite Ethnic Ring

  1. thierry F. (Customer confirmed) -

    Very beautiful jewel

  2. Anonymous (Customer confirmed) -

    Superb ring!

  3. Frédérique (Customer confirmed) -


  4. Karine (Customer confirmed) -

    It is a marvel that elegantly dresses the hand.

  5. nicole soyeur-stichelbaut (Customer confirmed) -

    Very beautiful but I always order size 58 and it is too narrow

  6. nicole soyeur-stichelbaut (Customer confirmed) -

    Beautiful and still this problem too narrow

  7. Jessica (Customer confirmed) -

  8. Virginie gay (Customer confirmed) -

    Beautiful ring which is very successful, the work is neat and refined.
    See you soon…..
    Excellent day
    Virginie gay

  9. sophie r. (Customer confirmed) -

  10. Anonymous (Customer confirmed) -

    very nice finish

  11. Aline (Customer confirmed) -

    I love it !!!!

  12. hilt (Customer confirmed) -

  13. Anonymous (Customer confirmed) -

    Thin and elegant. Magnificent stone.

  14. STEPHANIE T. (Customer confirmed) -

    Small but beautiful size

  15. Angelic (Customer confirmed) -

    Magnificent ring the stone with very beautiful reflections
    Quick reception and carefully packed in the small bag.

  16. Angelique Boissou (Customer confirmed) -

  17. Anonymous (Customer confirmed) -

    Very nice ring, good value for money.

  18. Dominique B. (Customer confirmed) -

    a very nice product exactly as advertised. I highly recommend

  19. Evelyne (Customer confirmed) -

    Very nice ring 👍👍👍👍

  20. Betty Yorillo (Customer confirmed) -

    A magnificent jewel, of extreme finesse, and a luminous stone, of which I already feel the beneficial effects.

  21. Anonymous (Customer confirmed) -

  22. Corinne V. (Customer confirmed) -

    beautiful sublime I recommend

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