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Where does our fair trade jewelery come from?

Discover handmade jewelry from developing countries. Our jewelry is created in collaboration with talented craftsmen, real partners, carefully selected during our travels in Asia.

We choose the artisans with whom we work for their art, their knowledge, and their passion for their job. Together, we create unique models based on their crafting knowledge, local designs and fashion trends.

Our models are unique and natural stones selected one by one.

Lek's workshop

OMYOKI fair trade jewelry


Lek's workshop is located in northern Thailand, near Burma. The Karen, tribes of the northern mountains are very skilled with their hands. The Karens work with cloth and silver. Unlike many countries, they use purer silver, which is 95 to 98% silver, instead of 92,5% which is a standard.

Mahesh's workshop


Mahesh lives in the suburbs of Kathmandu, in the family house, with his parents, his wife and his 2 children. He has been making malas and pearl bracelets for 14 years! Mahesh is very religious, when he puts on beads he seems to be in active meditation. There emanates from this person an absolute calm, a peaceful force.

Shankar's workshop

Fair jewels and ethical fashion


Shankar's workshop is located in the fabulous little town of Pushkar, in the heart of Rajasthan. Shankar is a Hindu, passionate about his work, and very active in the community. Shankar collaborates daily with other craftsmen because his workshop is very small, he does not have all the necessary tools. The creation of jewelry is a bit long but the result is well worth taking the time!

Our humanitarian commitments

Because we are in search of meaning, we commit ourselves directly by donating €1000 per year to humanitarian projects in the Himalayan regions, through the Karuna Sheshen or Cha Aya association. In addition to this, 3% of each piece of jewelry YOU buy is donated to one of these organizations and you contribute directly to the support of local populations. This, even during private sales, sales and promotions. We have not increased our prices, however, and we are committed to practicing fair prices, for fair trade, today and in the future. Learn more

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