Our humanitarian commitments

Omyoki supports local people in India and Nepal and supports the NGO Karuna Shechen, founded in 2000 by Matthieu Ricard.

A donation of 1000 € per year + 3% of each jewel you buy

Because we need to be meaningfull, because we care about those developing countries, we commit ourselves by donating 1000 € per year to humanitarian projects in the Himalayan regions, through the NGO Karuna Sheshen. In addition to this, 3% of each jewel that YOU purchase is donated to this organization and you contribute directly to support local people. This is the case, even during private sales and promotions. We haven't increased our prices because of this coomitment and do not intend to. We are aiming at fair prices for a fair trade and to support ethical fashion.

Our jewelery is mostly made in India and Nepal, this is why we chose an NGO focused on these two countries, and with very low operating costs (8%). Karuna Shechen focuses on the following main actions:

Empowering women
The empowerment of rural women is at the heart of our approach to development. We are convinced that women can play ...
Empowering communities
Karuna Shechen pushes communities towards being responsilble for the environment, empower them during each projetc....
Karuna-Shechen works for the education of children and young people, especially girls. We work with local partners, ...
Through its medical centers, mobile clinics and medical camps, Karuna-Shechen provides medical assistance, health care and medical care.

Some projects in pictures