Our story

Omyoki, ethical jewelry

Invested in an ethical and sustainable economic approach, Omyoki offers handmade jewelry and crafted items, in compliance with the Fair Trade Agreement.

Omyoki offers silver and fantasy jewelry created in collaboration with our artisans-partners in India, Nepal, and Thailand. Original creations, in limited editions or in unique pieces, handcrafted by local artisans, chosen with care.

Our jewelry is sold in accordance with the Fair Trade Agreement. Jewelery is created to promote the hard work of small workshops, women's groups, or remote local artists from developing countries. Our goal is to provide work in less favored areas than ours and to improve the lives of artists and their families.

Each workshop has been visited, to check the working conditions, the quality of life and the fair wages of the craftsmen. A personal relationship has been established with each craftsman, sharing countless teas and spending hours discussing, as it should be in Asian countries. Check our craftmen presentation video .

Fair Trade - Omyoki Jewelry

Local crafts
Secular know-how, which hardly exists any more with us and of course hand-made.
Unique creations
Our creations are unique pieces or made in very small numbers. You will always discover new things.
We select the gemstones one by one and offer finely crafted creations.
Fair trade
We promote fair trade and work with well paid artists working in good conditions. A fair price for everyone, for a fair world.
Stephanie Conte Omyoki

Behind the scenes

A life of travel in these developing countries will have marked my heart and mind.

“At 11, I made my first discovery of a social divide, in Turkey: a 7-year-old kid wanted to polish my plastic sandals. The seed of curiosity and empathy was planted. Since then I have traveled a lot, often in Asia, Nepal, India… These trips have opened my mind to fantastic cultures, to obsolete knowledge at home. The urge to give has always been there but the question was how? To give work, and work that is paid correctly, honourably, such was the project! Project that took shape in 2017, between travel, studies, work, and multiple encounters that helped cement Omyoki.”

 Stéphanie Conte, Omyoki's founder

The history of our name

The origin of our name, Omyoki, is based on concepts that are dear to us.

Om - The Om has a very strong symbolic. It is the syllable that represents the original sound, from which the Universe has been structured. In Buddhism and Hinduism, the Om precedes many mantras (prayers), serving as a medium for meditation. In yoga Om is used to channel the mind and refocus on the practice, at the beginning and at the end of each session.

Yo - The Yo part comes from the word yoga, a form of exercise calling for both physical and mental well-being.

Ki - The ending Ki, comes from Japanese and represents the fundamental energy or the vital flow.

Omyoki, history and origin