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Sponsorship fair jewels Omyoki

The principle


Your address book overflows, your shopping budget needs a boost and you like Omyoki? Invite your friends to join us by sponsoring them and win vouchers!

French days jewelry

Your benefits

To thank you for expanding our community, you win a voucher * 10 € to spend on our site, as soon as one of your godchildren buys on our online shop

For your godchildren too

We also think of our new members!
Each referral will receive a unique code to receive a discount of 20% on his first order.

Sponsorship Conditions *

The benefits of the Godson

The godson receives for his first order a discount of 20% to be valid on all jewels present on This discount is valid on an order of 40 € minimum, during 1 months from the date of validation of the sponsorship and can not be combined with another promotional offer or sales.

The benefits of Godmother / Godfather

The godmother / godfather benefits from a code "sponsorship" worth 10 € to be valid on all the jewels present on, on a command of 40 € minimum. Combinable with another code-sponsorship (20 maximum), any other promotional offer or sales, it is valid for a period of 3 months from the billing date of the order of the godson. This code "sponsorship" will be definitively acquired to the godfather 15 days after the billing of the godson.

* see details of the sponsorship program in our Terms and Conditions


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