Support for Nepal - covid 19

Support for Nepal - covid 19

This year we have decided to donate €1000 to the humanitarian association Chay Ya. This donation helps finance an effective and direct “field” aid program to deal with covid 19 in Nepal. Chay Ya has a main antenna in Nepal, with Nepalese staff and volunteers and several fundraising antennas in Europe, the USA, etc.

Until 2020 we supported the Karuna Sheshen association but unfortunately many projects are suspended because the association employs several Westerners who were unable to continue their actions on the spot. The Chay Ya association has a network of local volunteers in the seven Nepalese provinces, which makes it possible to act in an emergency and to face an evolving situation.

Chay Ya is our choice for this year because she has excellent field actions, because these operating costs are extremely low (2% administrative level) and because she works with serious partners like UNICEF Nepal or national hospitals. on large-scale projects.

Here's a very simple pdf table allowing you to see how the funds of the aid project in Nepal are used - covid 19.

To find out more information about covid-19 actions in Nepal, you can click here and on ongoing covid-19 actions in Nepal, click here.

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A lifelong travel enthusiast, I have been traveling through Asia for 30 years. My favorite countries are wonderful Nepal, India where everything is possible, and Thailand for its sweetness. The common thread of my travels has always been people, hence the importance of combining craftsmanship and fair trade, plus humanitarian actions. Why I chose jewelry.... well because my father was a jewelry designer himself and I grew up surrounded by turquoise, tiger's eye and a thousand other natural stones.

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