Humanitarian action 2024

Humanitarian action 2024

Despite the difficulties and the economic slowdown that we are all feeling, we continue to strive towards a fairer world, by sharing our resources.

This year we are supporting the fight against precariousness in India and Nepal. It's via the humanitarian association Karuna Shechen, founded in 2000 by Matthieu Ricard that we act. We chose this organization for its low operating costs and its targeted field actions.

In May 2024, we made a donation of €1000 to support this humanitarian organization.

The different Humanitarian Actions

Health and hygiene

Save lives, alleviate suffering and preserve the health of the most vulnerable. In India as in Nepal, the regions in which we operate are faced with significant lack of access to care, both materially, geographically and financially.

  • 73 patients listened to and treated
  • 17 women made aware of menstrual hygiene
  • 22 animals treated


Strengthen access to quality education for all. Education is not only a means of improving living conditions, but also a tool for the overall development of the individual. It is a key factor in promoting equality and autonomy.

  • 8 children in kindergarten class
  • 14 students supported in their education
  • 700 adults in literacy classes

Food Safety

Fight against malnutrition through environmentally friendly food.
Food security is defined by physical, social and economic access to sufficient, quality and nutritious food that supports a healthy and active life.

  • 256 villagers cultivate a vegetable garden
  • 636 households equipped with drip irrigation
  • 10 wells and 12 ponds provide better access to water

Economic development

Empowerment to be actors of change. People in rural or mountainous regions of India and Nepal lack suitable training, job opportunities and support.

  • 498 financial aid for the creation of a micro-enterprise
  • 591 young people in computer class
  • 474 women trained in crafts


Promote practices that respect the environment and living things. . The effects of climate change are already at work in our regions of intervention: severe droughts and torrential rains follow one another, strongly impacting the most vulnerable populations, without the means to adapt.

  • 9 trees planted and maintained
  • 17 jute bags distributed
  • 23 people made aware of eco-responsible attitudes

About the author:

A lifelong travel enthusiast, I have been traveling through Asia for 30 years. My favorite countries are wonderful Nepal, India where everything is possible, and Thailand for its sweetness. The common thread of my travels has always been people, hence the importance of combining craftsmanship and fair trade, plus humanitarian actions. Why I chose jewelry.... well because my father was a jewelry designer himself and I grew up surrounded by turquoise, tiger's eye and a thousand other natural stones.

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