Fathers Day

Tell her how much you love her ♥

With a magnificent fair trade and handmade jewel. Fall for our selection of Father's Day jewelry!

Father's Day around the world

Men's bracelet in onyx KI

  • June 2: Lithuania, Switzerland

  • June 5: Denmark

  • June 9: Belgium, Austria

  • June 16: France

Give a fair trade piece of jewelry for Father's Day, he will be delighted! Our selection of Father's Day gifts offers you inspiration, according to your budget. If you don't want to take the risk you can give them a nice gift card to print at home. All your jewelry will be packaged in pretty packages and handmade jewelry bags. Jewelry can be exchanged for 14 days after receipt of the package, and is delivered within 48 hours. So don't hesitate any longer, offer a gift that is out of the ordinary and which also promotes the development of artisans in developing countries.