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Modern women want to be beautiful and assertive, take care of themselves, consume ethics, eat healthy, and wear quality products!

Omyoki was created to promote ethical fashion, with quality products, handmade and made by artisans from developing countries. We opted for a fair trade to transform the living and working conditions of artisans and their families in less favored countries than ours.

Our fair trade jewelry is handmade in India, Nepal, by Tibetans from Indian and Nepalese communities, and by Karen tribes in Thailand. Opting for an ethical fashion is choosing to consume products made in a traditional way, in workshops visited, but also to help local people to preserve secular know-how that is lost.

Our products are made by craftsmen of small workshops, by groups of women, or isolated craftsmen. Our goal is to provide work in less favored areas than ours and to improve the lives of artisans and their families.

Omyoki heart jewelry

Fair trade designer jewelry

For autonomy and community development.
To have products handmade and in a traditional way.
For the respect of a job well done by local artisans and artists.
Sustainable economy
For a sustainable economy and a sharing of wealth in the world.

What is Fair Trade?

The Fair Trade Charter has been established in 2001 and can be summarized as

"Fair Trade is a trade partnership based on dialogue, transparency and respect, the goal of which is to achieve greater equity in world trade. It contributes to Sustainable Development by offering better trading conditions and by guaranteeing the rights of marginalized producers and workers ...

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