Omyoki Zen jewels are beneficial jewels, with a strong symbolism. Linked to Buddhism, meditation, and yoga, our jewels are lovingly crafted by Buddhists and Hindus. Our Zen jewelry is designed in France and handmade by talented craftsmen in Nepal, in Tibetan communities and in India, in a logic of fair trade.

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The Zen jewelry collections

  • Kathmandu Collection : a palette of zen jewels in 925 silver and fine stones, handmade with delicacy. Their symbolism is powerful, with mala, lotus flowers, tree of life ...
  • Lhasa Collection : a universe of mala, meditation supports, zen bracelets and matching earrings. These zen jewels have been handmade with love by a craftsman in the heart of Nepal.
  • Dharamsala Collection : meditation rings, in solid silver, sometimes decorated with brass and copper rings. These rings are anti-stress and channel the mind, turning them to infinity.

Provenance of our Zen jewelry

Omyoki Zen jewelery is designed in France, or sometimes in collaboration with local artisans, and handmade in Nepal, Tibetan communities and India. The mala and zen bracelets are all lovingly crafted by Mahesh, a Nepali artisan, in the heart of Kathmandu. Silver jewelry is made by Buddhists and Hindus in Nepal and India.