Here are our one-of-a-kind unique jewelry. If you want to wear a special jewel, that you will be the only one to own, these exceptional creations will make you vibrate.

Our selection of unique pieces is made up of jewelry created in collaboration with our craftsmen-partners in India and Thailand, but also magnificent pieces that we fell in love with during our trips there.

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Origin of our unique jewelry pieces

Our silver jewelry is 100% handmade, in Thailand and India. Every year we travel to these marvelous countries to work with our craftsmen-partners on new models.

  • Many of our sleek creations are fashioned in northern Thailand, by the Karen tribes. A tribe from Burma, guardian of a centuries-old know-how of hammered and brushed silver work.
  • Our jewels accompanied by fine stones are handmade in India, in the heart of Rajasthan. This land of princes and maharajas, where craftsmanship and know-how in the field of jewelery have been renowned for hundreds of years.

Materials of your jewelry

The materials of our jewelry are noble, with 925 silver and quality gemstones. Semi-precious stones mostly come from India and surrounding countries. You will find lots of turquoise, moonstone, labradorite, rose quartz, natural agates and many more. Particular attention is paid to the finishing of the jewels, and the delicate and meticulous work brought to each unique piece, make them exceptional artisanal creations.

Fair trade

The handmade has an authenticity that we are more and more fond of. The return to natural products, good consumption, beautiful materials, quality work, finishes that last… all of this is important to you, and to us too! Omyoki was created in a spirit of ethical and reasoned consumption, using noble materials and working to employ talented craftsmen in developing countries. Discover our craftsmen and their work in our presentation video.

A close relationship

Because the consume just prevails, each workshop was visited in order to check the working conditions of the craftsmen. We make sure that every craftsman is paid correctly, works in good conditions and with good products.

Jewelry and dreams

Omyoki handcrafted jewelry tells a story, because it is made in far-away countries and full of exoticism, but also because every craftsman who makes these unique jewelry has been chosen with care. A personal relationship binds us to everyone, we know their life story, sometimes their family, and your purchases contribute to the long-term employment of these craftsmen rich in know-how.