The OMYOKI ethical bags are handmade in Nepal by WSDO, a humanitarian association created by a Nepalese, for women in difficulty in this country. These are bags combining fair trade and the use of local and eco-responsible raw materials. The story of these fair trade bags is touching in many ways ... and their design composed of traditional eco-friendly fabrics that suede out of the ordinary.

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We discovered the NGO WSDO (Women's Skills Development Organization) a few years ago and were touched by this association created by a woman, for women. In Nepal women very rarely have access to employment and when they flee a difficult marriage, lose their husband or are repudiated, they easily fall into misery, as do their children. WSDO offers a properly paid job at around five hundred women. A home weaving work system has even been put in place so that many of them can continue to care for their children more easily. The various workshops range from the color of wool to spinning, then to weaving, sewing, storage, and sales. Women have access to simple or more complex tasks, gain know-how over time and are pushed to climb the ladder. WSDO was created in 1975 by Mrs. Ramkali, with a few women at the start, then evolved into a larger organization and a model for other structures in Nepal. All their handbags, pouches, shopping bags are made with local materials and natural dyes or chemical dyes but standardized and of quality. Their manufacturing process is as ecological as possible and all scraps are recycled.

But the story continues! OMYOKI ethical handbags offer a very trendy ethnic chic design. WSDO only offers fabric bags and although the fabrics are beautiful we are looking for more elaborate models. A branch of the association has recently emerged and makes models of chic ethnic handbags, made from traditional Nepalese and suede fabrics. Ethical handmade bags with quality materials, whether traditional fabrics, suede or zippers and buckles. In addition, the seams, linings and suspenders are very well finished.

The import of these bags from Nepal was complex and long to set up. But we wanted to offer them to you so much that the solution was found.

We hope that the history of these fair trade bags has touched you as much as us and that you will adopt an ethical and chic look with an OMYOKI bag!

OMYOKI ethical bags

Discover a video presentation of the production of ethnic-chic bags, in the heart of Nepal.