Our natural stone necklaces for women are fair trade creations, handmade in the heart of Kathmandu, Nepal. Simple and clean designs, with some Buddhist touches. Every year we go there to work with Mahesh, our craftsman-partner since 2017.

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Fine stones

The natural stones of our necklaces, also called fine stones or gems, mostly come from the region where the jewelry is made. You will find a lot of turquoise, moonstone, labradorite, rose quartz, natural agates and many more, which come from India and neighboring countries. For each creation, particular attention has been paid to the choice of stones and finishes, in order to offer quality and long-lasting jewellery.

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Where are our natural stone necklaces made?

Our bracelets are made by Mahesh. He is an incredibly meticulous craftsman! He lives in the suburbs of Kathmandu, in the family home, with his parents, his wife and his 2 children. He has been making natural stone malas and bracelets for over 14 years! 14 years of stringing pearls, with patience, gentleness and tranquility. Mahesh is very religious, when he makes his jewelry he seems to be in active meditation. This person emanates an absolute calm, a peaceful strength. Well known in his neighborhood, it is not uncommon to see one or two friends from the surrounding area come to chat and drink tea.

Nepali Jewelry

Ethical and fair trade jewelry

Because we are in search of meaning, we commit ourselves directly by donating €1000 per year to humanitarian projects in the Himalayan regions, through the Karuna Sheshen or Cha Aya association. In addition to this, 3% of each piece of jewelery YOU buy is donated to this organization and you contribute directly to the support of local populations. To find out more, discover our humanitarian commitments, or our actions in nepal.


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