Omyoki mala necklaces are beautiful beneficent jewels, composed of semi-precious stone beads, seeds and wooden beads. Most of our wooden mala necklaces are aromatherapy jewelry, thanks to sandalwood beads with a woody and calming scent. Our mala necklaces are made in the heart of Kathmandu, Nepal and in Tibetan communities, in a logic of fair trade. Made with love and patience, each piece of jewelry is unique and carries wisdom.

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History of malas necklaces

Made of semi-precious stones, seeds or wood, the mala necklaces can be very valuable or extremely simple. The mala necklace is a meditation stand for Buddhists and Hindus. It is used to count the number of mantras recited in a loop. Buddhists use sound, the vibration of the voice, to channel the mind and detach it from the physical world. The recitation of mantras, these "prayers", is intended to bring calm and direct the mind to meditation.

Buddhists all over the world graze this rosary at various times of the day; and when not in use, wear it around the neck. A mala always stands with the left hand. It is degraded by pulling the grains toward you, symbolizing that one draws the beings out of the suffering and that one accumulates positive Karma during the practice.

Origins of the mala necklace

The term "Mala" is a word in Sanskrit (language of Hindu and Buddhist religious texts) which means “meditation garland”. Originally, malas were mostly used for a special style of meditation called “Japa” which means “to recite”. This is why malas are sometimes called japa mala.

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