Omyoki women's silver bracelets are designer bracelets with a refined, zen or ethnic style. Influenced by Asian and French fashion, our silver bracelets are created in collaboration with our craftsmen-partners in Thailand and India, in a spirit of fair trade.

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A fragrance from Thailand, Indonesia, India and Nepal floats in our bracelets. At the crossroads between East and West, Omyoki offers original bracelets with a delicate design.

Our silver bracelets for women are made of 925 silver. It is 1st grade silver, it has a minimum content of 92,5%. This is also called sterling silver, from the English Sterling Silver 925. Sterling silver, for example, is made up of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Sterling silver has been a category of silver for jewelry in many countries since the 14th century.

Small particularity for our silver bracelets made in Thailand, they are made of a slightly purer silver. The Karen tribes in the north of the country use silver with a content of 95 to 98%, therefore softer. The bracelets are therefore thicker.

Because we are in search of meaning, we commit ourselves directly by donating €1000 per year to humanitarian projects in the Himalayan regions, through the Karuna Sheshen or Cha Aya association. In addition to this, 3% of each piece of jewelery YOU buy is donated to this organization and you contribute directly to the support of local populations. To find out more, discover our humanitarian commitments, or our actions in nepal.


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