Discover Omyoki designer jewelry, a world of unique models.

We invent our wonders in collaboration with our artisan partners in India, Nepal and Thailand. Every year, we go there to create new jewelry and select the most beautiful gemstones. Our models are unique pieces or created in mini-series. Rarity and diversity define Omyoki jewelry.

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Unique designer jewelry

Our creations are at the crossroads between local know-how and Western fashion trends. To make our jewelry, we start from the skills of the craftsman and work with him to create rare pieces. Indeed, most of our jewelry is unique pieces or produced in mini-series. This is why the models are very rarely reproduced. This goes against local customs.

Asia is full of unforeseen events and Omyoki adapts to them in order to offer you the most beautiful craftsmanship, constantly renewed.

Furthermore, we select the fine stones for our jewelry, one by one. Most of these are natural stones from the region where the jewelry was created. Sometimes we add a touch of exoticism with some rarer and more distant stones.

For you, we have created 3 styles of designer jewelry: ethnic, clean, zen.

Solidarity designer jewelry

A donation of €1000 per year + 3% of each piece of jewelry you buy. Because we are in search of meaning, we are directly committed by paying €1000 per year to humanitarian projects in the Himalayan regions, through the Karuna Sheshen or Cha Aya association. In addition, 3% of each designer piece of jewelry YOU buy is donated to one of these organizations. In this way, you directly contribute to supporting local populations. This, even during private sales, sales and promotions. However, we have not increased our prices and we are committed to charging fair prices, for fair trade, today and in the future.

Our artisans-partners

Discover our artisan-partners and their history here.

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