Discover designer jewelry OMYOKI, fair trade jewelry created in collaboration with artisans from developing countries. Our jewelry is handmade by talented artisans in Rajasthan in India, in Kathmandu in Nepal, and in the region of Chiang Mai by Karen tribes in Thailand.

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Our models are at the crossroads between local know-how and Western fashion trends. To make our designer jewelry, we start from the skills of the craftsman and work with him to create often unique pieces. In fact, most of our jewelry is unique or made in small collections. The models are very rarely reproduced because it goes against local customs! Asia is full of unexpected events and OMYOKI adapts to it to offer you the best craftsmanship, constantly renewed.

The fine stones of our designer jewelry are selected one by one. These are mostly natural stones from the region where the jewelry is made. Sometimes we add an exotic touch with some more rare and distant stones.

For you, we have created 3 lines of jewelry: ethnic, chic and refined, Zen. Our designer jewelry is mainly made of silver and precious stones, with some fancy pieces in fine gold metal.

Solidarity designer jewelry

Because we are looking for meaning, we donate 1000 € / year + 3% of each piece of jewelry you buy is for humanitarian projects in India, Nepal and Tibet.


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