Our bohemian chic jewelry is designer jewelry with scents from elsewhere. The design of the jewelry is the fruit of the meeting of two worlds, the East and the West, and invites you to travel, to escape ... At the crossroads, Omyoki offers bohochic jewelry created in collaboration with artisans of talent, from Thailand, India and Nepal, in a spirit of fair trade.

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Golden bohemian chic jewelry

A very trendy bohemian chic style! Omyoki draws its inspiration from French fashion trends, while letting some influences from a distant elsewhere filter through.

The material of your bohemian chic golden jewelry

Omyoki makes a point of offering quality bohemian chic jewelry. The golden bohemian chic jewelry collection is made with quality brass, not gold plated. We have made the choice not to gold plated our golden jewelry because the plating deteriorates quickly and we prefer our jewelry to last over time. Brass is a material with a nice gold color. It is an alloy of pink copper and gray zinc, with a natural matte yellow color that gives it a slight vintage look. Like silver, brass oxidizes on contact with air and over time. Oxidation is a surface phenomenon and it is easy to overcome. Just clean your golden jewelry with lemon to keep it shiny. To find out more, follow our interview guide.

Contrary to popular belief, brass is not allergenic. Very rare are people allergic to this metal. It is the presence of nickel, in large quantities, which poses a problem and caused a scandal years ago, before any real regulation of the composition of jewelry.

Fine stones

The semi-precious stones in our bohemian chic jewelry, also called semi-precious stones or gems, come mostly from the region where the jewelry is made. You will find a lot of turquoise, moonstone, labradorite, rose quartz, natural agates and many more. For some pearl necklaces and bracelets we use wooden pearls and lotus and dried seeds. Threads for necklaces or pearl bracelets are strong and proven. For each creation, special attention has been paid to the choice of stones and finishes, in order to offer quality and lasting bohemian chic golden jewelry.