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Omyoki Humanitarian Commitments

Omyoki sponsors humanitarian action in India and Nepal

Omyoki engages with local people in India and Nepal and supports the association Karuna Shechen, founded in 2000 by Matthieu Ricard.

A donation of 1000 € per year + 3% of each jewel you buy

Because we are searching for meaning, we commit ourselves directly by donating 1000 € per year to humanitarian projects in the Himalayan regions, through the association Karuna Sheshen. In addition to this, 3% of each jewel that YOU buy is donated to this organization and you contribute directly to the support of local people. This, even at private sales, sales and promotions. We have not increased our tariffs for as much and we are committed to fair prices for fair trade, now and in the future.

Our jewelery is mostly made in India and Nepal, so we chose a humanitarian organization focused on these two countries, and with very low operating costs (8%). The 4 work axes of Karuna Shechen are as follows:

Empowerment of women
Job creation, training, advice and support.
For empowerment and empowerment of communities.
Construction or consolidation of schools, children's education plan ...
Through medical centers, mobile clinics and medical camps.

Some projects in pictures

Balance sheet of actions

Omyoki Ethnic Jewelry

Creative trip in progress!

The creation of new ethnic jewelry and bohochic jewelry is ongoing since the month of February! Indeed, I (Stéphanie, the founder of Omyoki) am traveling again in India and Nepal to work with local artisans on new models.

The semi-precious stones have been chosen one by one, with some novelties, including the star ruby, the bumblebee jasper, the ocean jasper, the tourmaline, the azurite, the rutile quartz ... The natural stones lighthouses remain the moon stone labradorite, And the turquoise. It was a great pleasure to choose the stones, their shapes, their colors, their purity ... Each selection of semi-precious stones is the occasion of unbelievable unpacking, to shine the eyes. We spend hours and days discussing stones, crimping and patterns! The desire to choose everything and to make incredible quantified jewelry is great but we must know how to stay in a reasoned production!

In Asia, artisans are used to working quietly, producing a few pieces for each model. All the jewels are hand-made, from A to Z. It is easy to create unique pieces but always very complicated to make produce the same jewelry in quantity. Omyoki strives to stick to local customs. We respect and tend to promote traditional Indian and Nepali skills. An avalanche of new ethnic and modern jewels await you the next months! Because to be in tune with this rhythm Indian and Nepali, jewels are created in unique pieces or mini collections. In this way, every craftsman pays maximum attention to the creation of each jewel. It's respect for unique work, hand-made work, work at Asian pace, far from the creations at the chain! The result is a job done with love and care, where each craftsman has the pleasure of the work done.

Indian jewelry craftsman
Ethical fashion, craft ring creation

In the continuity of this link between our Western world and developing countries with ancestral know-how, our jewelry designs are a fusion of styles at the crossroads between East and West. Omyoki still relies on traditional Asian designs, bringing a modern and Western touch.

This spring the focus has been on the diversification of semi-precious stones, adjustable rings and gilded jewelry. Ethnic jewelery and chic, understated silver jewelery remain at the heart of the Omyoki collections, with a little more golden gilded jewelry.

The new ethnic and bohochic jewelry are being created for the coming months. It will take a little more than a month for the first jewels to arrive! To be continued…

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Allevard les Bains Designers Boutique

New shop

Omyoki jewelry is at Tilapia

Find the Omyoki jewels at Allevard les Bains. Following a beautiful meeting with Delphine, the leatherworker, creator of the brand Tilapia, a beautiful collaboration was born. The shop, located at 6 Rue Chenal in Allevard, brings together creative artisans from the region. You will find:

Leather bags, handmade Tilapia
belts, and a multitude of all-leather Tilapia items
Omyoki jewelry
skirts and designer clothes
organic soaps and creams from the region
cushions and handmade bags

The Tilapia Craftsmen's Boutique brings together craftsmen-creators' products.

Tilapia Shop

Allevard les Bains, a town known for its thermal baths, hosts many spa centers. The Tilapia shop is located in the center of the village, near the Tourist Office.

Tilapia designer shop
6 Rue Chenal, 38580 Allevard
Open Monday to Friday from 9h to 12h and from 14h to 18h


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