Craftsmen of the world

Discover craftsmen's jewelry from the world, 100% hand-made and fair. Our jewelry is created in collaboration with talented craftsmen, selected partners during our travels in Asia. The artisans are chosen for their know-how, their passion for their profession, the beauty of natural stones chosen together, their love of a job well done. Together, we create unique models based on their know-how, local designs and Western fashion trends.

India - Govin's workshop

The Govin workshop is nestled in the heart of Rajasthan. This region of north-east India has been known since time immemorial for its expertise in jewelery. Rajasthan is a very colorful region of immense cultural wealth. It is for nothing that it is one of the most touristic destinations of India. I met Govin in 2017, thanks to several trading friends in Europe. All advised me to go see Govin and what a meeting! Govin, Muku, Eddy, and some artisans work fervently for money, crimp, brush, polish. The workshop is a real cave of Ali Baba, full of a thousand semi-precious stones. No machine, apart from what to polish! All silver jewelry is handmade from A to Z. Forgotten machines, even the simplest. It's even more incredible to see a jewel.

Omyoki Ethnic Jewelry
India - Shankar's workshop

Shankar's workshop is located in the fabulous little town of Pushkar, in the heart of Rajasthan. Shankar is a young Hindu, passionate about his work, invested family man, very stake and very active in the community. Shankar collaborates daily with other craftsmen because his workshop being very small, it does not have all the necessary tools. The jewelry creation is a little longer than with other craftsmen but the result is well worth it, to take the time! We have been working with Shankar since early 2019.

Nepal - Mahesh's workshop

Mahesh lives on the outskirts of Kathmandu, in the family home, with his parents, his wife and his 2 children. He has been making malas and beaded bracelets since 14 years ago! 14 years to put pearls, with patience, softness and tranquility. Mahesh is very religious, when he puts on beads he seems in active meditation. This person emerges from an absolute calm, a peaceful force. Well known in his neighborhood, it is not uncommon to see at his shop one or two friends from the surrounding area to discuss and drink tea. Mahesh was introduced to me a few years ago by a Polish woman who has been a volunteer teacher in a Nepali village for more than 7 years. A wonderful meeting.

Nepali Jewelry
Thailand - the workshop of Fon & Lek

The Lek workshop is located in northern Thailand, close to the Burma border. The Karen, northern mountain tribes are very skilled with their hands. The Karen work cloth and money. Unlike many countries they use more pure silver, consisting of 95 at 98% silver, instead of 92,5% which is a standard. I first met Fon and Lek in Bangkok because they go down to market. Believe it or not, the communication was very complicated at first, because the Thais are not so anglophone! By dint of gestures and time we have come to understand each other. I have been to Northern Thailand a few times and the creativity, colors and ingenuity found there are incredible.


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