Creator of handcrafted jewelry, Omyoki designs unique, handmade and fair trade jewelry for you. We invent our models in collaboration with our craftsmen-partners in India, Nepal and Thailand. Each year we go on site to develop new jewelry and select the most beautiful gemstones. Our models are unique pieces or created in mini-series. Rarity and diversity define Omyoki jewelry.

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Creator of handcrafted jewelry

We have been creating artisanal jewelry since 2017. It is with our artisan partners that we invent our models each year. Our artisanal jewelry is handmade in India, Nepal, by Tibetans from Indian or Nepalese communities, and by Karen tribes in Thailand. Opting for ethical fashion means choosing to consume products made in an artisanal manner, in visited workshops, but also to help local populations preserve centuries-old know-how that is being lost.

Our crafts are made by artisans in small workshops, by groups of women, or by isolated artisans. Our goal is to provide work in areas less favored than ours and to improve the lives of artisans and their families.

Each workshop was visited to check the working conditions, quality of life and fair remuneration of the artisans. A personal relationship was established with each artisan, over countless teas and spending hours chatting, as it should be in Asian countries.

Provenance of fair trade Omyoki jewelry

Our silver jewelry are 100% handmade in Thailand and India the golden jewelry come from India and fine stone jewelry are handmade Nepal. Every year we go to these wonderful countries to work with our artisan partners on new models. Many of our refined jewelry are made in the north of Thailand, by the Karen tribes. A people originating from Burma, guardians of centuries-old know-how in working with hammered and brushed silver. The silver and fine stone jewelry is handmade in India, in the heart of Rajasthan. This land of princes and maharajas, where craftsmanship and know-how in jewelry have been renowned for hundreds of years.
As for the jewels made only of natural stones, precious woods and seeds, they are delicately handmade in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

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Materials of your jewelry

925 Sterling Silver

Our jewelry is made of 925 silver. In fact, the silver used in the manufacture of jewelry cannot be 100% pure, because it would be too soft. Silver jewelry in Europe and most countries in the world is made of 925/1000 silver. This is 1st grade silver, it has a minimum content of 92,5%. It is also what we call sterling silver, from the English Sterling Silver 925. Sterling silver, for example, is made up of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Sterling silver is a category of silver for jewelry in many countries, and has been since the 14th century.

Fine stones

Most of the semi-precious stones come from the region where the jewelry is made. You will find lots of turquoise, moonstone, labradorite, rose quartz, natural agates and many more. Every year, we go to Asia to select most of the fine stones for our jewelry one by one.

Non-allergenic golden brass

Our gold jewelry is made of brass and is not gold plated. Ultimately, tackles rarely last over time. Treated brass tarnishes over time, but with a wipe, it regains all its shine. Brass or “yellow copper” is a metal alloy essentially composed of copper and zinc. Easy to work with and inexpensive, it is used in many areas, particularly in jewelry. Brass is a very robust alloy, which will last over time. Indeed, a brass ornament is resistant to both corrosion and salt water. Brass has been used in jewelry for hundreds of years. It was mainly Indian artisans who initiated this use, which subsequently became common. Having become very trendy today, brass jewelry is on the rise!

Creator of artisanal jewelry & philanthropist

A donation of 1000 € per year + 3% of each piece of jewelry you buy. Because we are in search of meaning, we are directly committed by donating 1000 € per year to humanitarian projects in the Himalayan regions, through the association Karuna Sheshen or Cha Aya. In addition to that, 3% of each piece of jewelry that YOU buy is donated to this organization and you directly contribute to the support of local populations. This, even during private sales, sales and promotions. However, we have not increased our prices and we are committed to practicing fair prices, for fair trade, now and in the future.

Our artisans-partners

Discover our artisan partners from Nepal (Kathmandu), India (Rajasthan) and Thailand (Chian Maï region – Karen tribes).

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